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"You would look a little better dontcha know if you just wore less makeup"

Two Door Cinema ClubThis is my intro to you as a music junkie.

Before I became a news junkie, I fancied myself an aspiring William Miller a la Almost Famous: Rock n’ roll journalist for Rolling Stone. That dream still occupies a good chunk of my heart, because writing about music has always been something that was innate to me.

Currently, I am alternating between Childish Gambino’s debut LP, The Black Keys’ El Camino, and Weezer’s Pinkerton. For the past half year and going, I’ve been addicted to Foster the People. I can go into a self-psychological evaluation poring over the possibilities of why I can’t seem to get over FTP, but that would have to be a blog unto itself.

Regardless, this FTP fixation cannot possibly be healthy and I think I may have finally found myself an antidote: Two Door Cinema Club.

I’m listening to “Handshake” right now. It’s trippy and distorted and I cannot make out what is being sung at all. But as a music listener who is big on lyrics, somehow, this is easily forgiven. Perhaps it’s because of the pulsating synths which hit me like tiny pinpricks on all of my tickle spots; maybe it’s the heavy bass that is featured in their songs that give them spunk no matter what their subject matter is. 

Two Door Cinema doesn’t sound like FTP. Really, I’ve yet to find anything that sounds like FTP, which is perhaps why nothing can fully cure my fever over Mark Foster’s musical genius until the band’s next album, set to come out next year. But I cannot deny that Two Door Cinema’s latest, Tourist History, is an infectious album that will certainly keep me occupied longer than Patrick Stump’s catchy but forgettable solo debut, Soul Punk, which is neither soulful, nor punk.

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